How this works...

"In a world where we are all connected every time you make just one person feel awesome the world is a better place..."

1. Create an Awesome

This is where it all starts...

Use the in-app Awesome editor to create an Awesome from a photo you've taken of your awesome person, place or thing, OR share one of the Fun Awesome memes created for you to quickly share Awesome...

2. Give an Awesome

Send Awesome into the world...

Once your Awesome is created, share it in-app and then go on to share Awesome in the universe by posting it with your favorite Social Media platform...

3. Enjoy BEING Awesome

Giving an Awesome is ... Awesome.

Giving an Awesome has an awesome affect. When you Give an Awesome you make someone's day better, and then ... YOUR day is more Awesome!

Awesome Creators Program

  • Are you an Awesome Creator?

    The Awesome Creators Program gives you the ability to monitize the awesome's you share on the Give An Awesome app.

  • Create & Share

    Create and share Awesome's (as you normaly would) and select the option to share with the Awesome Engine.

  • Get Likes

    Once the Awesome Engine gives you 10 likes, you are granted Awesome Creator status (and things get interesting).

  • Get Paid

    Awesome Creators get paid for being awesome. The more likes your Awesome's get, the more cash you make.

Awesome Gear? Get Some.

Visit the Awesome Shop on Redbubble and get AWESOME gear!

Give an Awesome and Be Awesome!

With the Give an Awesome app, you can change the world! This app allows you to create an Awesome from your very own photos of people, places, or things, and then share it and upload it on your social media platform of choice.

It’s all about embracing the awesome in your life—whether it’s an awesome vacation spot, or a chance to celebrate someone who did something awesome!

With our Give an Awesome app, you can stand to make someone’s day just a little better—or rather, a lot more awesome! The app also you to not only edit your photos to create Awesomes, but also provides you a way to share awesome memes and add awesome watermarks to your photos.

Our Amazing Team

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Founder & CEO

Vincent Hunt

XD & Product Manager

Jide Opealoa

iOS Developer

Lauren Schwec


Dante Bland

Android & Web Developer

Matt Barr


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